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Tailored Designs For Urban Explorer

Topologie takes inspiration from rock climbing tools and gear to create all kinds of goods that reconnect urban living and the spirit of exploration in the wild. Always on the ascent, Topologie ventures with you into new journeys every day - exploring the city with the spirit of adventure.

Our Bracelets

Available in 2 styles and 6 finishings

All Topologie buckles are made from brass with jewelry-grade, hypoallergenic IP-plating, ensuring the durability of your bracelet.

The beauty of raw brass

The raw brass buckle is specially designed without additional finishing. It takes on the ruggedness in mountain climbing gear to allow the metal to age naturally, developing its patina unique to your journey.

Japan-made climbing cord

The Topologie bracelets pay homage to the rock climbing hardwares, each carefully designed with a special finishing combining Japan-made climbing cords to accompany you for years to come.

Our Bags

Rock Climbing gears inspired

The Topologie bag collection reinterprets the essential rock climbing gear to create various unique alpinist-inspired bags with clean and streamlined silhouettes which fit to your needs wherever your adventure takes you.

High quality materials

Ultra lightweight and durable materials to accompany you for years to come.

Weather proof

Water-repellent fabrics and zippers protect your belongings from the elements as you explore both urban and wild.